Terms of acceptance and delivery

1. The Customer is obligated:
• While submitting items to the company’s specialist, to point out all defects and stains and, if possible, provide information on their origin.
• At the time of delivery, to check the quantity and quality of the items in presence of the delivery specialist and express his or her complaints immediately. Further complaints will be considered groundless.
• To pick-up his or her items within one month of the completion date. After one month, unclaimed items will be donated to charities.

2. The Customer may:
• Insure expensive items through the VIP Service by paying 5 % of the item’s cost in addition to the regular charges for the service. Payment for this service is due when the order is placed.

3. The Company reserves the right:
• To refuse service or to accept the customer’s item for cleaning (washing) only at his or her own risk, should that item fails to meet international quality standards.
• To indicate a level of dirtiness of an item and, if necessary, charge extra fee for additional cleaning.

4. The Company is not responsible for:
• The quality of cleaning or washing if Care Label is missing or replaced with a counterfeit one.
• Items damaged or faded due to the natural deterioration (mostly brought about by direct sun exposure or a natural wear in the areas of a collaret, sleeves, knees and a back part)
• Removing the stains, if doing so is made impossible by previous attempts to remove these stains by the customer.
• The increased number and size of the pre-existing holes and other damages attributable to previous deterioration caused by moles and/or other reasons.
• Separation, weakening or bulging of fabric on items after cleaning, if glue was used in the items’ manufacturing process
• Safety of articles inseparable from the item to be cleaned (buttons, fasteners, etc.)
• Partial loss of hair from old fur and yellowing of light shaded fur
• Items left in pockets of garments

5. In the process of cleaning leather products the following may occur:
• Essential change of color
• Revealing of unknown and hidden defects
• Difference in shade and level of preservation of different fragments of leather
• Full or partial disappearance of shine
• Partial disintegration of seams
• Increased visible signs of deterioration and exposure of hidden defects in such as areas as sleeves, pockets, flaps, around seams, etc.

6. The Company warns:
• If, for any reason, the customer doesn’t allow time to examine the item to detect any possible defects, the item will be accepted as it is and the company will not be liable for any defects found out after servicing the item.
• The garments dyed by the company must always be washed separately.
• The quality of dyed garments, particularly textile, is not guaranteed.

7. If damage to the garment is caused by the company, in addition to refund of the service charge, the maximum additional compensation provided will be as follows:
• Three times the service charge (x3)
• VIP Insurance – the total declared cost of the item (except the 5 % insurance fee)