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Selena is the leader on the Armenian market in the field of dry cleaning and laundry. It has over 20 years of experience, as it was created in 1997. It is an Armenian - German joint company. The first group of partners is still the same, and Armenian persons own the majority of the business.

Quality is the Selena priority. As Armenia entered a new period, new quality garments entered the market, more and more people needed a specialist to take care of their garments. That is the reason why four persons decided to start a dry cleaning and laundry activity.  As one of them was German, the company works with the best European firms such as Miele, Electrolux, Primus, Bowe, Ilsa, Veit. Methods of cleaning are ecological and as safe as possible both for health and environment.

As a result, the company grew up on two markets: individuals and professionals. On the individual market, the success enabled regularly to open new shops in Yerevan and develop a delivery service in order to be as close as possible to the customer. On the professional market, hotels like Marriott, Ararat Hotel, Ani Plaza, Europe Hotel, Best Western Congress, and Golden Tulip have become regular customers. Those companies with international standards appreciate the Selena quality that meets European standards. Since 2010, Selena has developed also a rental activity for professional customers, as it is now a successful solution in Europe. Hotels, restaurants, etc. don’t need to buy any more their bed and bath linen, table linen, or their uniforms.

Selena regularly participates to European exhibitions. Part of the staff receives special training in Europe, and some European experts come also to our site to improve our skills. The production site in Shinararner Street regularly progresses to answer our development. The main building was finished in 2009 according to the highest standards in this field. Since the end of 2012, a new part enables to settle new washing machines and improve again the process.

But Selena is also a company that feels a social responsibility. There are still too many people in Armenia who can’t afford to buy the clothes they need. From its beginnings, Selena has decided to help them. In all its shops, some posters invite the customers to bring the garments they don’t need any more. The company cleans and repairs them, if necessary, before giving them without any cost to organizations that help people in need.