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The efficiency of any up-to-date dry-cleaner and laundry doesn’t only depend on using the right technologies. It also depends a lot on the detergents quality.

Washing powder, bleaching agent and softener must be as active as possible. A lot of them are, but they often damage the items. The most seeable effect is color failure.

Thanks to its 15 years experience, SELENA can be your best source for detergents.

We offer you products from the Swiss company ROSCH. This complete line of detergents meets all your needs at the best price. Of course, SELENA only works with phosphate-free products.

With those quality products, your company will save money at least for three reasons:

  • You need less product than with lower quality detergents to get the best results,
  • Your items are protected and have a longer life,
  • As SELENA buys big quantities, we negotiate the best prices for our customers.

SAPOMATIC washing powder formula is made for both high and low temperature machines.

SAPOMATIC HYGIENE disinfectant washing powder is certified by the German Association of Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM)

Softener ELIO SOFT ROZE makes your clothes feel really soft and leaves a nice smell.

Contact us to test freely the difference. It will be the best vivid comparison.


We will help you to find the right equipment as we work with brands such as Miele, Bowe, Primus, Veit, and Electrolux.

We will install it, train your staff and support you with a warranty service.

Miele Company, for instance, is well-known all over the world for its quality products like washing and drying machines. One of the reasons for their success is the exceptional technology production of honeycomb drum. It allows reducing the clothes wear-and-tear, during the washing process. As this production technology is patented, you can meet it only in Miele machines. 

SELENA has been now working for a long time with those manufacturers. The turn key solution enables you to take advantage of our experience.

Contact us and we will build with you the solution you need.


Renting reduces the cost of investing in linens. When you rent from SELENA, there is no initial investment and you are guaranteed professionally cleaned items are delivered to you on time.

SELENA offers a variety of styles and colors to choose from when renting linens, giving you a choice when it comes to determining the image you want to project. By outsourcing your laundry, you eliminate the variable and high costs of operating an on-premise laundry. Renting allows you to minimize your expenses and eliminates inventory concerns, so you never have to worry about the maintenance, repairs, storage, and replacement expenses that go hand in hand with running a laundry.

After assessing your needs, SELENA offers to set up a rental and maintenance service for you. You can therefore concentrate on your main activity in full confidence.

SELENA guarantees you a quality service:

  • a stock of clothing appropriate for the number of weekly changes
  • clothing sized for the user and identified with his name
  • clothing which is cleaned, checked and repaired or replaced
  • supply on a set date

Who uses rental service?

Hundreds of businesses in our service area can use linen supply. If you are one of the following you can benefit from it:

  • Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and any place where food, beverage is served.
  • Health care establishments
  • Health clubs
  • Spas
  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Conference facilities
  • Schools
  • Golf Clubs

For more information contact us.

Hotel linen rental service

Our experts are able to advise on exactly the right linen and toweling to suit the needs and image of your establishment. Be it a family run hotel or an international chain.

We can help you find precisely the image you need - and keep that image in first-class condition for years to come.

We know and understand the hotel business, the challenges it faces and the standards that it has to reach. That understanding makes a real difference to the way we operate, and to the linen service we offer.

In short, we make the business of laundry for hotels as efficient, as trouble free and as reliable as it is possible to make it.

For further information on SELENA hotel linen rental service, please contact us for a free consultation.

Restaurant and café linen rental service

At SELENA we know that no restaurant or café is about the food and beverage alone. Many factors go to create an experience that is enjoyed, appreciated and recommended to others. And we know the role, however small, our linen services play in that experience.

Our restaurant and café linen hire range has an extensive choice of sizes, colors and finishes, from the most contemporary of modern designs, to classical cottons. All of them are designed to give the perfect finish to any restaurant. And if you want something a little out of the ordinary, we will happily provide bespoke garments designed to your specifications.

After all, your aim and our aim are the same: The perfect meal, perfectly presented.

For further information on SELENA restaurant and café linen rental service, please contact us for a free consultation.


Health care establishments and specially hospitals must take a particular care at the garments and linen. It isn’t only a matter of image, it is above all a matter of hygiene. Clean garments contribute to protect patients and professionals from contamination.

Health facilities have also the particularity to use a lot of items every day.

In the past, this situation enforced them to invest a lot of money and have big stocks to face their needs. If no, hygiene wasn’t good.

In order to solve those constraints, SELENA rents all the textiles a hospital needs. You don’t need to buy anymore, bedspread, toilet linen, table linen. We do it for you.

Our solution involves professional garments. SELENA provides you the tunics and uniforms you need for all our employees.

Of course, we clean all those items with a special care. It means we only use the same dedicated machines in order to avoid any contamination. It means also we use a special disinfectant detergent. And when the items are clean, we deliver them in plastic bags protecting them from contamination.

For further information on SELENA hospitals rental service, please contact us for a free consultation.


According to a study carried out in 2003 by the European Textile Services Association, 75% of soiling and dust entering an establishment is brought in on shoe soles. That is the reason why there are carpets at the entrance of so many European companies.

For better hygiene of your floors, SELENA offers you an optimal solution: installation and regular cleaning of dirt-resistant carpets.

After 15 days, a carpet is saturated with dust and therefore becomes ineffective. So it is essential to wash it regularly, and only an industrial washing ensures in-depth cleaning of encrusted dirt.

Discuss with us, and choose the location, dimensions and carpets colors that fit your needs from our large range.

A SELENA delivery man will come at regular intervals to replace your dirty carpet with a clean one.

For further information on SELENA mats, please contact us for a free consultation.


Uniforms are part of your company image. They symbolize professionalism and quality.

They contribute to make you different, especially when you run businesses like hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, spas, health clubs, retail outlets, offices building, schools, etc.

Many suppliers offer to buy a ready–made uniform. We know this variant often does not take into account the companies peculiarities. For instance, they don’t always offer exactly the color linked to your identity.

Supplying high quality uniforms has become a logical activity for SELENA. Every month, we clean thousands of garments, so we know how to recognize and choose quality materials that ensure comfort and hygiene.

Guiding and advising our customers, we produce fashion uniforms that reflect and enhance the important part of your business - brand values and image. From design concept to distribution, SELENA will take your uniforms through each stage to provide a distinctive and authentic look at the best price.

For further information on SELENA uniforms, please contact us for a free consultation.