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Selena’s commitment
Selena is a company that feels a social responsibility.

Armenia is changing, but there are still too many people who can’t afford to buy the clothes they need. From its beginnings, Selena has decided to help them.

Most of us have in our wardrobe garments, shoes, or accessories such as bags, we won’t wear anymore. They are too old, too small, or have become useless. We just know we don’t want to throw them.

On the other hand, there are several nongovernmental organizations who know people in need. Those organizations need an in-between who can help them to collect garments. Selena has decided to be this in-between as often as she can.  That is the reason why we call our program “Dress thy neighbour”, an expression from the Bible.

In all our shops, some posters invite the customers to bring the garments they don’t need any more. Selena cleans all of them and repairs those that are damaged.

We do all of this for free. Then, we give them to nongovernmental organizations.

How does it work?
You bring us your unneeded garments, shoes, and accessories.

We clean and restore them.

On your behalf, we donate the garments to those in need.

Selena has already collected more than xxxx pieces.

We gave them to structures such as XXXXX

The present economic crisis is a reality. So Selena is determined to do better and to improve again its social action.

But we can’t do anything without your help. So many Armenian people depend on your solidarity. Help us to help them.