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What does “Armenian German joint venture” mean?

Selena belongs to Armenian and German partners, but the Armenians have the shares majority. We have always wanted to provide a quality meeting the European standards. That is why we take part in many European exhibitions. Part of our staff receives also training in Europe and some German experts regularly come to improve again our skills.

How many employees are there?

There are around 100 persons working in Selena now. Most of them are in our site on Shinararner Street, where we clean the garments. The others welcome the customers in our shops.

How much time is it since the company exists?

The company started its activity in 1997, in Yerevan. At the beginning, we were a few persons who believed in our project. Today, we are always the same team managers, a lot of new collaborators have joined us, and we always have news projects to improve our services.

In how many Selena shops can I bring my clothes?

Selena always wants to shorten the distance with the customer. So you can meet our shops in 15 places. We are in most of the main supermarkets, and we have also our own shops, like in Zakyian Street.

In case of emergency, for instance I make a spot on the garment I must wear tonight at a party, what can Selena do for me?

Selena has an express service. We clean your garment in a few hours the day you bring it to the shop. With the express service in Shinararner, we often can take off the spots or iron the garment while you are waiting in our shop. You don’t even need to come twice.

Which items can Selena clean?

Selena is able to clean all your clothes, but we also take care of all your other textiles, leather, suede and fur articles. Our specialists can always clean your carpets, curtains, sofas, cars interiors, and all your accessories like bags, suitcases or shoes. If you are fed up with the color of a garment or if you want to hide a spot, we can also dye it.

Does Selena have a delivery service?

Selena has 5 cars that deliver customers every day. You just need to call us or order on our website. We will provide you the service at home or at your work place. We can also clean your carpets, sofa, etc. at home if you prefer this solution.

Why Selena can say it is a company invested in ecology?

Selena is aware that we live on the same earth, we drink the same water, and we breathe the same air. We want the future to be cleaner. We use European detergents that pollute as little as possible, we recycle perchlorethylen, and we are changing our process in order to reduce that product use. That is the reason why we chose also the wet cleaning technique.

What are the four main differences between Selena and the other companies?

  • Selena has a 15 years experience in Armenia.
  • We work for customers used to a premium quality. Those customers are individuals who want to keep their quality garments as perfect as possible, but also luxury hotels or hospitals. Most of them trust in our quality for many years. Of course, we clean casual clothes with the same care.
  • We always want to have the most efficient process, using European material and detergents.
  • We collect some garments for people in need.

What is Selena social program “Dress thy neighbour?”

There are still too many people in Armenia who can’t afford to buy the garments they need. So in all our shops, you can bring the clothes and shoes that you don’t want any more. We clean them, we repair them if necessary. Then, we give them for free to structures who know people in need in all the country.